LIVE ONLINE – Pianoscapes with Chris Long – 14:30 on Facebook @christopherlongmusic


ONLINE ON FACEBOOK (‘like’ and ‘follow’ Chris’s page @christopherlongmusic to view)

Streaming LIVE at 2.30pm 

Using the platforms of Facebook and Youtube, every day I have been posting my piano performances for your enjoyment and inspiration. Feedback has been great, reassuring me that it’s a worthwhile activity – listeners are finding the music to be of value. Thanks to everybody who has commented so far!
All 5 of this weeks posts can now be seen from the home page of my website (address below); but if you are on Facebook, and if you ‘like’ and ‘follow’ my Music page (@christopherlongmusic) you will be able to join us on Sunday for the latest PIANOSCAPES concert. It will be broadcast live at 2.30… you’ll have to bring your own cake this time though!

Audience comments: “An important contribution to the musical life of the area… A Musician of Standard” [Robert Fripp]; “A perfect hour in a parallel universe”; “Great concert on Sunday…moved to tears”; “The hour of relaxation and beautiful music was so lovely on Sunday that I had my best night’s sleep in months!”


17 May 2020




St Andrew's Centre
St Andrew's Centre, Church Street, Pershore, WR10 1DT